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Buy AB-CHMINACA Online with worldwide shipping, Originally developed in 2009 by Pfizer with the intention to be tested for analgesic properties, AB-CHMINACA soon proved to have other features that appeal to advanced researchers. According to the results of initial observations, the substance displays a very high affinity for CB1 receptors at 0.289 nM, which is considerably above the values measured for some of the conventional synthetic cannabinoids. The new product is structurally related to several other indazole-based chemicals including AB-FUMINACA and AB-CHMINACA, but is unique because of a tert-butyl group substituting the isobutyl moiety in the molecular chain. Due to its novelty, little is presently known about the physical and chemical properties of AB-CHMINACA, and its pharmacological profile will have to be mapped by quantitative research.

Prototype Chemicals is a dependable wellspring of AB-CHMINACA of high immaculateness, with ensured conveyance to determined location anyplace on the planet. If it’s not too much trouble take note of that neighborhood confinements or controls could apply to this chemical and check its current legitimate status before putting in a request. The item may just be utilized for controlled logical research under the strict supervision of qualified lab faculty and isn’t endorsed for pharmaceutical or veterinary purposes. Any sort of use outside of in vitro tries speaks to a rupture of our arrangements and could have possibly risky results.


Buy AB-CHMINACA Online Cheap. Per our standard strategy, AB-CHMINACA and other compound items in the list are affirmed only as criminological materials for in vitro examination. Some other use is entirely disallowed and any sort of contact between the synthetic compounds and living beings ought to be dodged no matter what. It is conceivable that AB-CHMINACA is a limited substance in a few wards and purchasers are required to meet every single nearby law and control with respect to inquire about materials requested from our online store.

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