Full Chemical Name: Ephenidine

Systematic IUPAC Name: N-ethyl-1,2-diphenylethylamine

CAS Number: 6272-97-5

ChemSpider Number: 99470

Molecular Formula: C16H19N

Molecular Mass: 225.328 g/mol

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Buy Ephenidine Powder Online. Ephenidine is a dissociative anesthetic and acts as an antagonist for the NMDA receptor.

Ephenidine Powder is guaranteed at the most elevated review immaculateness accessible. This compound should be treated with alert and 30-50mg is by all accounts a decent beginning stage with trials Since Methoxetamine and 4-Meo-PCP were restricted there has been a void around there of research, despite the fact that not an immediate substitution of either,

Ephenidine powder ought to give comparable outcomes inside research facility tests. Ephenidine is probably going to be prevalent with Scientists and analysts who have had past research involvement with Methoxetamine.

EPHENIDINE POWDER/EPE/N-Ethyl-1,2DIPHENYLETHYLAMINE/EPE/N-Ethyl-1,2diphenylethylamine, is another item to the UK advertise, effectively congenial to experienced analysts and old fanatics of Methoxetamine. Our Ephenidine is guaranteed at the most elevated review immaculateness accessible.

This compound should be treated with an alert, and 30-50mg is by all accounts a decent beginning stage with introductory experiments. Evoke is an exclusive mix of certain substance powders which have appeared of the most encouraging/fascinating outcomes amid research in the course of the most recent quite a while.

Despite the fact that we don’t distribute the full posting of fixings because of the aggressive idea of the exploration business and copycat sellers, we can say that one of the fixings is Ethylphenidate.

It additionally contains some more up-to-date and more established synthetic substances. It has been cautiously mixed by our research facility. We offer the Evoke mix in sums beginning at 500 micrograms.

This is the little precious stone finished Ethylphenidate. Ethylphenidate’s atomic equation is C15H21NO2, and it has an IUPAC posting of ethyl 2-phenyl-3-piperidin-2-ylacetate.

N-ethyl-1,2-diphenylethylamine. Prototype Chemicals provides Ephenidine in the form of powder. Researchers looking for an MXE replacement may want to research this product.

N-Ethyl-1,2diphenylethylamine aka Ephenidine or “EPE” is sold as a Research Chemical and as such, is not for human consumption! Buy Ephenidine Powder wholesale online in bulk now.

You can buy Ephenidine / EPE in a high-quality fine white powder form, from Prototype Chemicals.

Our Ephenidine is certified at the highest grade purity available.

This compound needs to be treated with caution, and 30-50mg seems to be a good starting point with initial experiments.

Prototype Chemicals is a proprietary blend of certain chemical powders which have shown some of the most promising/interesting results during research over the last several years.

Although we do not publish the full listing of ingredients due to the competitive nature of the research industry and copycat vendors, we can say that one of the ingredients is Ethylphenidate.

It also contains some newer and older chemicals. It has been carefully blended by our laboratory.

We are a reputable dealer in Research Chemicals , cannabinoids,  and dissociatives, a company with very rapid growth in just some few years of existence.


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