Favipiravir (T-705)


Molecular Weight









Room temperature in the continental US; may vary elsewhere.

Powder -20°C 3 years
4°C 2 years
Insolvent -80°C 6 months
-20°C 1 month
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Buy Favipiravir (T-705) Online

Buy Favipiravir (T-705) Online cheap with worldwide shipping. Favipiravir is a pyrazine carboxamide derivative with action against RNA viruses. Favipiravir is converted into the ribofuranosyltriphosphate derivative by host enzymes and inhibits the flu viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase.

Favipiravir (T 705) is an antiviral drug that selectively inhibits the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase of the influenza virus. Favipiravir (T 705) is a novel antiviral compound that selectively and potently inhibits the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRP) of flu and many other RNA viruses.

Order Favipiravir (T-705) Online, it does not inhibit the human DNA polymerase α, β, or γ with IC50>1 mM. The IC50 for the individual RNA polymerase II is 905 μM; Favipiravir is therefore 2,650 times more selective for the influenza virus RdRP, consistent with the lack of inhibition of both host-cell DNA and RNA synthesis[1]. Favipiravir (T 705) acts as a pro-drug, its cytotoxicity is predicted to be more cell-line dependent. Favipiravir inhibits in a dose-dependent manner MNV-induced CPE (EC50: 250±11 μM) and MNV RNA synthesis in cell culture (EC50:124±42 μM). Despite this fairly modest antiviral activity, Favipiravir (T 705) is able to fully inhibit norovirus replication at a concentration of 100 μg/mL, which will be a concentration that has little or no negative impact on the host cell (mobile viability >80 percent )

Before Buying Favipiravir (T-705) Online, it is important to know its origin. Favipiravir was detected through the testing compound library for antiviral activity contrary to the influenza virus from Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd. Favipiravir undergoes an intracellular phosphoribosylation for an energetic type, favipiravir-RTP (favipiravir ribofuranosyl-5′-triphosphate), which can be known as a parasite by RdRp, also inhibits the RNA polymerase action. Considering that the domain of RdRp is preserved among various kinds of RNA viruses, this mechanism of activity underpins a wider spectrum of antibacterial actions of favipiravir. Favipiravir is effective against a broad array of types and subtypes of influenza viruses, including strains resistant to present anti-influenza drugs. Of note is that favipiravir shows antibacterial activities contrary to other RNA viruses like arenaviruses, bunyaviruses, and filoviruses, all of which are known to cause deadly hemorrhagic fever. These distinctive anti-viral profiles will create favipiravir a potentially promising medication for especially untreatable RNA viral diseases.

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