EPT fumarate

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IUPAC: 3-[2-(ethyl(propyl)amino)ethyl]-1H-indole fumarate

Other Name: N-ethyl-N-propyltryptamine fumarate

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Buy EPT fumarate Online with worldwide delivery, It’s the same thing as EPT (Ethylpropyltryptamine) but it’s in fumarate form instead of the more common HCl. So yes, you can still expect a strong and fast-acting tryptophan with a very similar profile to more well-known members in the same class; such as DPT and DMT. But you just won’t have to worry about the potency reducing over time. Out of the bottle, fumarates are a little weaker (just a couple percentage points) than the HCl form but fumarates make up for this with longevity. EPT fumarate can sit on your lab shelf for years, and still be as potent as day one. So if you’re planning a study involving tryptophans and want to make sure to control against degradation over time, check out EPT fumarate.

order EPT fumarate Online,  Measurements will be slightly higher when compared to the more common HCl form. If your study is currently using EPT in HCl form then we recommend experimenting with sample increases of 5-10% to maintain a consistent effect on test reagents. So you’re looking at common quantity ranges of 80-110mg and high lots starting at 110mg.

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